This fall, we are leaving this space. We're crossing a ravine. We're taking new ground.

This is a step-up moment where we all need to stretch and reach financially.  We need JONATHANS who will invest financially to take new ground. We also need ARMOR BEARERS who guard the flank with our regular tithes and offerings. 

To contribute as an ARMOR BEARER to make sure the regular ministry operations of your church are healthy, make your contributions as TITHE or OFFERING.

To contribute as a JONATHAN by giving to the new space, make your contribution to the PERHAPS Campaign.

Both can be done as a one-time contribution or as a recurring contribution.

Without your generous, sacrificial giving, we will not cross this ravine.  This is the greatest faith step we've ever taken as a church. Join with your church family. Let's cross this ravine together!

Participate in the PERHAPS CAMPAIGN, by clicking here.