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Life Pointe Church will not meet at our regular location until further notice.
We will continue to gather online

11:00 am English | 2:00 pm Español 

FAMILY devotional

1/ Devotional

This week’s devotional:

It will be okay!


Could you lift a gallon of milk? Could you lift a cow? This may sound like a funny idea. But if you think about it, a person can lift a cow if they got other people to help. We, the people, can do almost anything with a little help from friends. As we are physically strong, we can also be spiritually strong.


Spiritual strength means that our faith in God helps us do what we may think is impossible. We can worry about a lot of things that can be happening right now in our lives, homes, and even in the nation. Be encouraged! Keep your faith, pray, and ask God for help. He can help you to be brave. With Him in control, everything will be okay.

This week’s memory verse reminds us that God gives strength to do what we might think is impossible. Keep reading your Bible, and you will discover the amazing things that God has helped people to do. Just a hint God helped David defeat Goliath.

*All thing are possible with a little help from friends – the Bible – and a lot of help from God.*

2/ Memory Verse

“I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

- Philippians 4:13

3/ Let's Talk

 Ask your kids:  Do you have a big dream God can help you with?

 Ask your parents:  What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? Explain in detail.

4/ Family Fun

Draw a picture of yourself doing something you dream about. Write this week’s memory verse on your picture. Hang it. Keep as a reminder that God gives you the strength to do amazing things.
// God can help you reach you dreams. //


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